Nic Askew

Educator, Film Maker, Explorer of the Inner World

Nic is a Former (Geographical) Explorer and (Business) Managing Director. Now an Educator, Film Maker and Explorer of the Inner World. He is the creator of Soul Biographies (®), which includes the search for ‘The Soul of America‘ and the profound INNER VIEW Method. His work is in the arena of truth, liberation and genius. Not their explanation, but their experience. And in how the experience lives in the world.

Malik Muhammad

Consultant, Speaker, Education Specialist

Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad has been a grassroots organizer and activist for marginalized communities for nearly twenty-five years. As a student organizer in high school and college, he led protests, helped found and build student organizations, and was committed to fulfilling his role as a youth organizer. As an educator, Dr. Muhammad has more than twenty years of experience serving both youth and adults as a teacher, principal, campus president, executive and state director, and vice president of organizations. Always working with the underserved in urban and rural areas, he has focused on the development of Black boys to men, establishing a progressive pedagogy for oppressed youth and building progressive organizations. He is currently the vice president of several educational, mental health, and human services operations in seven states across the US. Additionally, he has founded two organizations, Akoben LLC and Transforming Lives Inc., as vehicles to “transform lives, one community at a time.” He is also actively involved in several national and international organizations, championing an emphasis on leadership, relationships, and social justice.

Michael Gaulden

American Author, Speaker, Musician, Spoken Word Artist, Activist

His life was barely worth a dollar. He slept outside, on park benches, in stairwells, under bushes. Michael lived in shelter after shelter across the United States. With his father incarcerated and his mother disabled, he stayed homeless for ten years. From the age of seven to seventeen, Michael, with his mother and sister, journeyed along his own underground railroad, desperately searching for a way to free his family from the sewers of society. Michael learned death was a big part of youth homelessness, Education was not. To survive, he had to become something more. Caught in between two worlds – his dreams and reality – violence, gangsters, hunger, poverty, and sorrow marked his daily life. Michael vowed to change his fate through getting his high school diploma. He never hoped to dream that not only would he graduate from high school but also a prestigious California university. This is the true story of a homeless boy, marked for prison or worse, who fought against tremendous odds and persevered to achieve professional success.