Michael Gaulden received his Bachelors of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a former qualitative and quantitative researcher for UCLA’s Black Male Institute, a research institution whose goal is to conduct reliable research, practical interventions, and effective programs that enrich the educational experiences and life chances of minority males in the United States. Mr. Gaulden is the former Director of Business and Community Relations for Reality Changers, a college prep organization with a focus on building first generation college students. He is experienced in business development, communications, and community relations. He is currently the Career Exploration Coordinator and Internship Coordinator for the Monarch School Project. Monarch is the only operational school in the United States that exclusively educates K-12 students who are impacted by homelessness. Michael also attended the school in his youth. He is an active Homeless activist, education enthusiast, musician as well as an activist for all disadvantaged people. As a motivational public speaker, he has spoken to audiences ranging from 20-2000. He is a Spoken Word artist and advocate for the arts. He recently started a video project entitled “Homelessness Through the Eyes of Michael Gaulden” in order to shift the negative perception and connotation around homelessness and the people it impacts. As an author, Mr. Gaulden is the debut author of “My Way Home” a memoir that chronicles growing up homeless for ten years in the inner-city.