Kevin Surace is a futurist and disruptive innovation speaker, creator of the first smartphone and digital assistant, and innovator of the decade. Surace has disrupted every industry he has entered—from communications to A.I. to clean energy.

He’s been named Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, CNBC’s Innovator of the Decade, and inducted into RIT’s Innovation Hall of Fame. While he has a deep technical background, he has been featured in over 15 TED talks and is known as a dynamic public speaker and a true entertainer.

Before there was iPhone or Siri, Surace disrupted the communication and A.I. industries with AirCommunicator and Mary. AirCommunicator was the first smartphone to transmit data over cellular and Mary was the first digital assistant. The technology for all other digital assistants has been based on the patents from Surace’s work.

In the construction and energy industries, he helped develop soundproof drywall with lower carbon footprints (EcoRock) and higher-energy-efficient windows, which his company used to completely retrofit the Empire State Building in record time and under budget and the New York Stock Exchange. He was the co-inventor of multivariate reverse auctions, improving B2B commerce, and has now turned his attention back to A.I. As CEO of, Surace’s company is now disrupting the software testing industry by eliminating the need for human testers.

In his spare time, Surace can be found in the Bay Area as a music director, producer, arranger, and percussionist. In his latest project “Big, Bold, and, Brassy,” Surace serves as conductor for a 28-piece orchestra featuring international jazz star Nicole Henry where they play selections of broadway and pop tunes for corporate events.