JD works primarily with companies and business executives to improve their communication skills across a wide range of industries and business functions – including Sales, Strategy, Market Insights and Internal Communications, as well as TED speaker coaching. To span such a diverse terrain JD focuses on becoming a student of the client’s business and their key outcomes in order to best advise them how to apply Oratium’s doctrine to achieve their desired results.

With 15 years experience advising Fortune 500 companies globally – including a 3 year stint in Sydney, Australia working with Asia Pacific organizations – JD brings the balance of business savvy and youthful passion to all of his client engagements.

The most critical of those engagements is with his wife, Jennifer, who is a communications consultant and a total Oratium convert. They live in Washington DC but enjoy life well travelled. Adventure, both personal and professional, are often just a plane ride away. Just the way they like it.