Jaiden Love is a healer, humanitarian, author, and entrepreneur.

In 2017, Jaiden published his first book, Saving My Life, an intimate account of his first year of transitioning from female to male. Although he only proclaims to be the expert of his own body and experience, Jaiden has opened himself and his life up to educate others.

Creating an inclusive environment opens doors for all, both professionally and personally. As a professional educator and consultant, Jaiden is passionate about helping others create space for transgender and gender non-binary individuals in communities, businesses, and classrooms. His work gives leaders the essential tools they need to consciously serve, work with, and include trans* and non-binary individuals.

Jaiden creates safe and rare opportunities for people to get transgender-related questions answered. He creates a greater awareness of social norms and explores challenges trans* and gender non-binary people experience, as well as identifies strategies for inclusion and equity.

Jaiden is passionate about the inner work undertaken by everyone to be able to live their truest and happiest lives. As an educator, Jaiden strives to give leaders the necessary tools to treat others with more compassion and respect.